Infra Red Horse Cover

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  • Infra red photo of a Horse before Nexus ES
    Infrarode foto's van een paard zonder Nexus ES

Beautiful Infrared Horse Cover with the Nexus Energy Source Technology inside. This material, which originally is used by Top Athletes, has the ability to let the Horse recover quickly after training or competition. This is because the bloodcirculation will be much better as well as the water balance. Horses loses up to 30% less intracellular water thereby Horses retain more power and the less cramps they will get. When the Infrared Horse Cover is used a few hours BEFORE the race or training, the results will be optimal and well noticable. You'll also notice that the horse is much quiet and relaxed and therefore performs better. Another important result wearing the Infrared Horse Cover is that the healthy nutrients will have an easier transport into the cells and the waste will be deported from the cells easier as well as without the Infrared Horse Cover. This makes the Horse to recover faster and will build more muscle mass and loses more fat. And when you reach this status you find your Horse in a circle of better performance and more wellbeing.

A strong, lightweight shinguard with the Nexus ES material inside. This contributes in: quick recovery from an injury 30% faster and there is up to 60% less pain. The wound heals much quicker and Oedema ( wound fluid ) will be reduced very effective as the bloodcirculation will be improved drastically. Less visibilty of scars.



On these 3 pictures we see an infrared picture of a horse wearing Nexus Energy Source on his left side only for 30 minutes . You can see that the bloodcirculation is much better after 30 minutes and you can assume that the horse recovers quicker with the Infrared Horse Cover. The Horse will be fitter for the next training. Also our customers tell us that their Horse is so calm after 20 minutes wearing the infra red horse cover and that the Horse feels very relaxed. Ideal if your Horse must be transported abroad or has more activities during the day/weekend. He also will loose less ICW ( intra Cellular Water ) therefore his performance will increase and less injuries will occur.




In this video you can see how easy the Horse can move itself in the Infrared Horse Cover of Nexus ES. It is available in 3 sizes. S-M-L. The horse is really encouraged in this video to move around but actually they become very quiet and relaxed in our infrared horse cover because the body is recovering directly as the cover is put on. The Horse feels it and will respond very quickly. 30 day money back guarantee.

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