Technology Nexus Energy Fiber

Here we will explain the Technology of Nexus Energy Fiber and it's Benefits

Nexus Energy Fiber is a mix of Titanium, Platinum and Aluminium which will emit an infra red signal what has benificial properties for the human body as for animals as well. It will will not only change the Therapeutical, Physical but the Biological properties of the body as well. 

You can see in the table on the left that normal polyester clothing emits a very poor signal ( green ) and FIR ( Far Infra Red ) clothing which mostly contains ceramic fibers which reflects the infra red signal of the body ( blue ) But the Nexus ES 70 grams per m2 ( purple ) emits a much higher ( and more effective ) infra red signal and the Nexus ES 140 grams per m2 ( RED ) emits the highest frequency. This is used in our Orthopedic line and Horse Cover and socks.

Infrared radiation is beneficial to the blood circulation, blood pressure and oxygen supply to the muscles and the brains. Such radiation kills the bacteria, inhibits inflammation, reduces pain, improves sleep and reduces the concentration of lactic acid in the blood and muscle. Different kinds of technologies can be used to stimulate the body with this light. And Nexus Energy Source is a fiber that is used in all kinds of garments, bandages and linens. And, there are several applications such as a horse blanket or dog/cat mat where the fibers have been incorporated into.
Under the brand VIVITEX these products are successful in France, Norway, England and now in the Netherlands. Vivitex Netherlands.

An important part of the infra red energy is transmitted in infrared radiation (IR), of which a certain proportion wavelengths are in the range 4-14 microns.
These are often referred to as "the life-radiation", because all life is dependent on the existence of it. One can not see the infrared radiation when the frequencies lies outside the visible light. Animals can see the IR light and are attracted to it when they have a health problem. Infrared radiation causes heat when it is absorbed by a substance.

Studies have shown that the optimal physiological activity of wavelengths in the IR-spectrum C are obtained at wavelengths around 9 miktometer.

Japanese researcher Takio Komuro worked for many years to find a material that can emit infrared radiation in this spectrum. It turned out that a mixture of titanium, aluminum, and platinum, transmits infrared radiation in the range of 4-14 microns, and nowadays is patented in Japan (under no. 1563868).

This composition is called photo platinum (eng. Photon platinum, PP). When the photo of platinum was exposed to body temperature (37 o C), it was found that the emission of radiation at 9.11 micron, is similar to an optimal physiologic effect. The present photon platinum mixed with fibers of polyurethane and / or cotton, will be manufactured of this material in various textile and health products. Photon platinum fibers under the name Nexus Energy Source placed on the market (Nexus ES fiber), and products on the Dutch and Norwegian market under the name Vivitex ™. The invention was presented at the World Congress of physicians in Italy in March 2004 by the physicist Mariani Giancarlo. In Italy, the products are sold in pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' offices in addition to direct sales. They were launched in Norway in May 2004 and in December 2007 there were already around 50,000 happy users.

Benefits of Nexus Energy Fiber

antibacteriele eigenschap infrarood kleding

In this picture you'll see our double blind test # 14 done in Japan on more than 1 patient. They laid down on our Nexus ES Top Dec for 30 minutes and you can see the difference in the bloodcirculation. The benefits had it's effect for a length of several hours.



30% less loss in ICW ( Intra Cellular Water )

Fibers of Nexus ES show a 30% decrease in ICW ( intra cellular water ) If a person loses less water he/she will stay better hydrated which contributes in better concentration, performance. And the recuperation will take less time.





 Better Mobility of the Water

In this tables you can see that the mobility of water will increase when in contact with the Nexus ES fibers.




Less Fatique

Wearing and using our Nexus Energy Source fibers results in less fatique. As you can see in the tables the average BPM ( Beats Per Minute ) is between 3-5 BPM lower which results in less fatique, quicker recovery and better performance.



 Less Pain

Wearing and using our Nexus Energy Source fibers results in less pain. Up to 60% ! In the first 4 days the pain will be an average of 25% less and after 6-10 days up to 60% less!


 Less Water Absorbtion than Cotton

Our Fibers doesn't absorb water or sweat and the skin feels dry after a heavy workout or just work. The cell membrane is much dense thats why it doesn't absorb water and sweat. After washing the fiber comes already dry from the machine. Wash at 30/40C no dryer and no use of wash softener.



Anti Bacterial

Our Fibers have the ability to kill the bacteria which are harmful for our organism. In the tests we ran you can see in the picture on th eleft that up to 99,99% of the Klepsiella and Streptococcen will parish under the Infra red frequency.

Excerps of our Scientific Research

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